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Alino Industrieservice GmbH

We provide professional solutions for the separation of oil-water-mixtures as well as mist elimination from process gas streams. Liquid-liquid-separation and gas-liquid separation at its best.

Alino Industrieservice GmbH has been developing and producing apparatuses and equipment for various separation tasks in the chemical and petrochemical industry since 2007.

The company is a specialist for liquid-liquid-separation, droplet separation and the filter technology involved.

With a wide range of droplet separators, coalescer inserts, and filter equipment, we offer solutions for many separation tasks such as oil or water separation from process streams.

    We are certified

    Our Quality Management System is certified according to
    DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
    by Intertek.


ALINO-IS products are used by leading companies worldwide.


Products from ALINO-IS are used in many areas of the chemical and petrochemical industry.