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Separation of hydrocarbons from water

Used for the separation of hydrocarbons from water for the recovery of valuable clemicals or for water treatment.

ALINO-IS Coalescers separate oil-water mixtures with the principle of coalescence, the merging of small droplets to larger ones. For this purpose, the mixture is passed through special coalescence cartridges made of fine glass fibres. The special glass fibres and their surface structure ensures that the disperse phase (usually the oil droplets) combine to form larger droplets. A nonstable emulsion can thus be separated. The droplets enlarged by our coalescence cartridges can then be separated using the difference in density.

Fully automatic oil discharge

ALINO-IS coalescence separators can be equipped with a control panel, feed pump, valves and all measuring devices needed for automatic oil discharge. The light phase is collected in the separator and discharged regularly when the maximum filling level is reached. The apparatuses can also be manufactured as pressure vessels acc. to the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU).

Oil separator

Optionally coalescence cartridges with integrated filter can be used. This makes it possible to remove small amounts of impurities from your process stream at the same time.

Coalescence cartridges are specially designed in their properties for your separation task and comply with DIN EN 858, class 1.

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