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Vane Type Droplet Separators

Droplet Separation

Vane Type Droplet Separators

For the coarse separation of droplets from gas streams.

Vane Type Droplet Separators achieve their separation by deflection of the flow and the resulting centrifugal forces. If the vanes are sufficient cleaned by the, solids can also be separated.

ALINO-IS vane type droplet separators are usually made of stainless steel or special plastics, used for coarse droplet separation (20 µm and larger). For droplet sizes up to 10 µm good separation rates can also be achieved, as long as the gas velocity is high enough and the resulting higher pressure drop is acceptable.

Depending on the application, our vane type droplet separator units are manufactured as pressure vessels according to the Pressure Equipment Directive or as rectangular housings. During the planning phase, we can respond to suggestions and proposals individually and adapt the vessel to your process.

vane type droplet separator

Depending on the required separation efficiency, vane type droplet separators are available with and without hooks for liquid collection.

vanes with horizontal flow (top view)

Vane Type Droplet Separator,
horizontal flow (top view)

vanes with vertical flow

Vane Type Droplet Separator,
vertical flow

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